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UKi Understands the needs of Cyber Operators

Manage and Train Your Elite Team of Cyber Experts: With decades of experience and a 92% exam pass rate, UKi has the proven expertise to train military, government and private sector cybersecurity teams.

Safeguard sensitive information and critical systems. Stay ahead of ever-present threats. Get the best industry cyber training and custom learning labs. UKi is the prime training and assessment provider for the Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE), changing how military cybersecurity teams train.

Manage & Train your Elite Team of Cyber Experts

  • Access cutting-edge cybersecurity courses from leading industry providers
  • Experience customized labs and exercises built specifically for advanced teams
  • See specialized training aligned to frameworks like NIST and MITRE ATT&CK
  • Preview hands-on simulations using real-world breach scenarios
  • Discover how we train over 150,000 DoD and DHS operators
  • Learn how we design training to address your team's skill gaps
  • Get insight from 25+ years of cyber training experience
  • Appreciate how flexible and scalable our platform is
  • Understand how we achieve real results like 92% exam pass rates
  • See firsthand the next level of workforce readiness and training

Start Learning & Connect With Us

UKi continues to deliver flexible and seamless transition from on-site/classroom instruction to online/on-demand virtual training.

US Marine Corps Cyberspace Command