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Cyber Security Labs and Virtual Training Environments

Hone your team’s ability to adapt to cyber threats with real-world scenarios in a controlled training environment.

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Precision Training Starts Here

Provide practical experience by simulating real-world cyber threats and scenarios. UKi’s custom cyber labs offer a safe space for your learners to practice, test, and refine their cybersecurity response tactics.

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Cyber Environments for Technical Training

With over 25 years of experience in the technical training industry, our results speak for themselves.

25 years of cyber training experience
92 % Pass Rate
150000 + DoD and DHS operators trained at home, abroad and at sea
125 + live, hybrid, or self-paced courses

Digital Forensics Incident Responders

Cyber defense teams don’t have a shooting range and can’t drill — so how do they hone their defense skills? Labs designed for DoD and military cybersecurity teams replicate real-world threats based on attack tactics used by cybercriminals. Offer a wide range of realistic and challenging scenarios your team might encounter in their mission-critical roles so they can practice using cutting-edge tools and tactical strategies to defend against sophisticated adversaries.

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Security Awareness for Federal Workers

User errors and a lack of cybersecurity awareness threaten national defense and sensitive information. Non-technical workers need recurring cyber vulnerability training to reduce cybersecurity risks.

Cyber labs can provide federal civilian workers with hands-on, practical cybersecurity training environments that teach them how to protect sensitive government data and infrastructure. Provide training that aligns with federal cybersecurity guidelines and policies to ensure compliance and improve operational security at every level.

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Commercial IT Departments

Your company can’t afford a malicious attack that results in serious down time or a data breach. High-level employees need to know how to mitigate risks, identify threats, respond to attacks, and restore operations as efficiently as possible.

Commercial departments and technicians, particularly in banks and enterprise companies, use cyber labs for comprehensive security testing. Learning labs provide controlled environments for hands-on training and skill development. Employees at every level can benefit from different kinds of training on identifying threats, responding to cyberattacks, safeguarding sensitive data, and protecting the overall integrity of the organization's digital infrastructure.

Hands-On Practice

Offer a chance for learners to interact and apply theoretical knowledge in practical scenarios.

Dynamic Learning

Keep participants engaged in the learning process with unknown threats and interactive experiences.

Real-World Challenges

Hone relevant skills and prepare your team for genuine threats.

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Safe & Controlled Space

Allow your team to freely experiment and test cyber responses without risking damage or data loss.

Immediate Feedback

Provide learners with real-time feedback on their actions and decisions for faster improvement.

Regulatory Standards

Meet industry requirements and stay on top of best practices with compliant cybersecurity labs.

Collaborative Training

Foster effective communication and teamwork through group training exercises and challenges.

Continuous Learning

Replicate various cyber threat scenarios to help your team adapt to emerging cyber threats.

See UKi Solutions in Action

Curious what our cyber training labs could do for your team? We’d love to show you! Talk to our team of experts to explore the possibilities with UKi.

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Commercial Cyber Training Labs
Cost Effective & Convenient

Commercial Cyber Training Labs

Get the scenarios you need at the best prices available. UKi provides affordable out-of-the-box training environments to support your training goals.

Innovative & Advanced

Custom Cyber Training Labs

What if the scenarios you need don’t exist? UKi partners with organizations who need custom environments, courses, and training labs for their programs. Talk to our team to learn more.

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Aren’t Sure What You Need?

We’ll help you prep your team with specialized course combinations or custom learning labs. Our experts understand industry standards and changing cyber trends. Talk to our team to learn more about how UKi can help keep your department prepped and ready for battle.

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